KPI Report OEE manufacturing with Excel comparing 2 periods

By Dani Granero
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Dic 23rd, 2018

KPI Report OEE manufacturing with Excel comparing 2 periods

In this post I show the Excel template to calculate the report OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

This template supports up to 50 products to be manufactured and up to 10 manufacturing work centers or equipment can be registered.

For each work center, the theoretical production per hour has to be registered, that means, the units that can be produced in an estimated hour in every work center for each product.

There is a predefined list of stops.

We have 2 types of data inputs, information for manufacturing and information for time.

In the entry of manufacturing data, we need to register the Manufacturing Order No., the date of manufacture, the manufactured product, the work center in which it was manufactured, the actual production and the rejects (scrap). All this information will be used to calculate the performance and quality indicators. Currently the template is ready to register up to 500 production orders but can be expandable to what is needed.

In the time data entry, the manufacturing order is selected and the start and end times are registered, also if the machine is running or stopped, in the case of a stop the cause of the stop would be selected. With this information, the availability indicator is calculated. Currently the template is ready to register up to 1,000 timelines, but can be expandable to what is needed.

The 3 OEE indicators:

  • Availability is the % of time that the line has been in progress over the total time of the manufacturing order (if there have been no stops it will be 100%)
  • Performance is the actual production divided by the theoretical production
  • Quality is good production divided by total production

Once the manufacturing and time data have been completed, we can perform the analysis, in the analysis of the OEE report we can select 2 periods to be able to compare them, in each period we select a start and end date and finally execute the OEE report.

In the report we have in percentage the indicators for Availability. Performance and Quality and the OEE for the selected periods and a comparison between both periods to analyze differences and evaluate the variations.

The OEE indicator has colour alerts as the traffic lights, these parameters are modifiable.

  • Currently less than 65% is shown in red.
  • Between 65% and 85% is shown in yellow.
  • Above 85% is shown green.
  • And if there were no data for the OEE the alert is shown in grey.

It is usual to consider the OEE report with the following perspective.


* 65% <OEE <75% REGULAR

* 75% <OEE <85% ACCEPTABLE

* 85% <OEE <95% GOOD


Additionally, an analysis of hours stopped for each work center can be made for the selected periods, showing the total number of hours stopped for each cause and the percentage that represents each cause over the total number of hours stopped.

Next, I show images of the template.







Download OEE KPI Report Excel template tutorial here

If you are interested in getting this OEE Excel template report please contact me

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