DEMO Management and Control of Projects and Tasks profitability with ERP ODOO

If you work for projects you normally have 3 concerns, meet deadlines, make the project economically feasible and get paid the entire project in order to not have imbalanced treasury.

One of the most tedious parts of managing projects is to keep a control of the profitability.

And even more to carry out budgetary control to a project and global level.

At INDAWS we wanted to facilitate these functions that concern to project responsible and managers.

At the end of this page you can access the DEMO Management and Control of Projects and Tasks profitability

As you can see in the following pictures, the budget can be defined for each project for different periods of time.

You can create incomes and direct costs budget items.

Directly from the project we can see the actual data recorded to it, such as income, direct costs and hours consumed at their respective cost.

Actual data is recorded from:
– Hours consumed from project tasks
– Incomes from sales invoices by assigning the project analytical account to the invoice
– Direct costs from purchase invoices by assigning the project analytical account to the invoice

Directly from the project we can see a summary of the profitability of the whole project comparing the budget items with the actual data.

There are several lists from which we can control budget items and actual data, at project level, concept, period of time …

And we can also have an overall view in a single report of the total return of the projects compared to your budget.

Regarding the control of delivery times, a planned start and finish date is assigned to each task, and a planned working time … the task time control can be easily viewed from a Gantt chart

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With ODOO you can easily plan the projects, you can plan the tasks of each project, the profitability budget, control the actual profitability, the planned hours, the hours consumed in each task, the time execution of the tasks, the control of the personnel … as can be observe in the images this powerful management tool can integrate billing, document management, CRM, human resources, warehouse, ecommerce and marketing…


Integration depends on what you need … the system can be modified to suit your needs.
Access the ODOO Project Management demo configured by INDAWS through the following link and use the following access data:

Link to ODOO Project Management DEMO by INDAWS



All data included are fictitious, all are sample data.
Some security features have been disabled.
Data is restored daily.


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